Take Initiative, Move Mountains, Work Hard and Stand up for Yourself


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Take Initiative, Move Mountains, Work Hard and Stand up for Yourself

Today I feel very self-assured and confident.  I know I have the knowledge and physical resources to continue my journey.  This makes me feel content and empowered to succeed in life.  When you take your time and use energy towards reaching long-term goals, it’s almost un-believable what you can accomplish!

 Always concentrate on how far you have come, rather than how far you have  left to go. The difference in how easy it seems will amaze you.

~ Heidi Johnson

Honor your Divine Presence

Today marks the completion of another course towards my master’s degree and in just 15 weeks I will earn the MBA credentials I have been working so hard for.  I am looking forward to adding this abbreviation to my signature and know it will not change my person; rather it will give me incentive to open another chapter in my life.

Embrace the Fresh Start

I call it a new season, a chance to seize the opportunities available in life.    I know I am capable of making the right decisions and will choose a new direction for my career to swiftly take off.  This will require me to take risks into the unknown.  As I have been studying in a controlled environment for awhile, I realize now it’s time to switch gears.  I am confident the path I choose will bring me to my desired destination and I will go forward and continue to work with a well-developed sense of pride.

Undertake every task with great Zeal and Energy

 It’s a simple process; I continue to learn more and more about myself as I go.  At the end of the day it’s all about what I want, me, myself and I.  My external environment effects my day-to-day decisions and as long as I speak my voice I will forever let everyone know where I stand.  Figuratively, I’m still climbing the mountain and I will not let anyone get in my way, at least not until I reach the top.



Hello, Hola, 今日は, 你好, Cześć, 안녕하세요,Ciao, Shalom!


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Hello everyone, please allow me to officially introduce myself, I am a graduate student, as well as Mommy and sometimes even, Rachel.   I am excited to complete my MBA this winter and am proud to share I have maintained a 4.0 GPA!  I believe this is a big step in my life that will open opportunities in my professional career.

I’m hoping to start a discussion with fellow bloggers, who may want to share their success stories and talk about their personal strides too.   Please feel free to jump into this discussion and join me on this journey to the top.

Some of my interests, besides reading and writing, are running, yoga, functional weight training, eating healthy, and environmental sustainability.  As a working professional, student, volunteer, and role model I have a full schedule.   In order to get some alone time to enjoy these interests I  have to juggle my responsibilities,.  If I ever find myself so worked up- to the point where I may lose sense of my personal values- I reflect on my inner strengths, think positive, and find maintain balance.

One challenge I am working to overcome is keeping up with this fast-paced society we live in today.  I have learned to multi-task, studying in short durations (while my daughter is in gymnastics or taking a nap).  As long as I take notes throughout the week this system works.  I can accomplish sufficient research to type up a paper come Friday night when everyone else is out to dinner, I suppose.  Here I am, so grateful for my ambition to succeed.

Just this evening I missed my favorite Vinyasa class, but that did not stop me from practicing my crow pose. I put dinner on the stove and tuned Pandora to some light piano music in my living room.  I find myself more focused on my alignment when I flow at home; it is a peaceful time I give myself every day.  In the studio I do get more competitive and can feel the energy in the room.

 We do it by cramming more into one weekday and into a weekend than should be humanly possible.  We do it by finding confidence in our own choices

(Evans, 2006).


Evans, C. (2006).  This is how we do it:  The working mothers manifesto.   New YorkPenguin Group.


Positive and Receptive State of Mind


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Positive and Receptive State of Mind In hopes of helping others make healthy decisions in life I want to share …

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Pattleboarding: A Functional Core Training Concept


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Pattleboardong is the next best thing to surfing and is becoming popular in south Florida. I am hoping to bring this fun sport up north and get a group of friends together for lessons in the Long Island Sound.   It's easier than it looks, I had never been on a surf board in my life and on my first try I managed to paddle out in the ocean and stand up on the board with little effort.  Granted the water was calm and my amazing core muscles, from ten years of functional weight, stability, and balance training, yoga, and running, gave me a natural ability to paddleboard.  All you need is desire, will and internal consciousness to take control of the board.  You will be surprised, when you take the time to focus on the present; there are activities you never dreamed of doing, that you can set your mind to do!  I felt free on that board, like I can do anything I want in the world and this experience helped me get through a stressful time in my life.

You see I had been studying “Perspectives in Change and Leadership" and was going through an internal battle of accessing my personal values and felt the need to make a change for the better.  I am constantly looking for improvement, with very high expectations for myself and it was time for a mental break!!  Paddleboarding gave me the opportunity to let go of my stress; challenging my mind to focus on the present task of simply not falling into the water.  When I succeeded I felt accomplished and reassured myself of the stimulating influences I need to pursue my master’s degree and was able to continue to work towards my goals and aspirations.  Silencing the mind can be challenging in itself, but when you let go of yourself and try something new you can achieve a higher power within and prove to yourself you are capable of reaching your dreams.

Paddleboarding makes you feel alive and awake, as you fight with nature, to stay on the board; you gain a sense of worldliness and control.  Control of your body, your mind and your breath; which you will take with you to meet the high demanding society, we live in today. If you ever become frustrated with life, you will recall your special powers in the mist of the ocean and remember to take control and be that warrior you know you can be.

Look forward to advice on core exercises, as the HealthyOrNot blog will divulge information about stabilizing the body and conditioning yourself for exhilarating activities, like paddleboarding.  You too can embrace the feeling of freedom and the meaningful experiences life has to offer.  In the meantime, Give yourself a test and see how well you know your body and the most important aspect of movement, the core muscles.



Self-aware: Build on your Strengths and find your Niche


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Self-awareness is a discovery of who you are or your reason for living.  Detaching from others and diving into your own peaceful state is the first step into realizing your passion in life.   Having a clear state of mind and reconciling your strengths and weaknesses is the next step towards self discovery.  It should be noted that we should all build on our strengths and accept our weaknesses for what they are.  Define a set of values or ideas that are most important.  Giving yourself adequate alone time to think about what you really care about is the best way to figure out your dreams and find your talent.

I once was an athlete and can remember my favorite part of the day was when I got a chance to go for a long run outside, smelling nature and feeling the breeze.  I was happy to embrace freedom and my passion for physical exercise.  I also used the alone time to think about my aspirations and goals.  Today I use moving meditation to free my mind of stresses and release tension.  My daily routine includes a breathing exercise, to build heat in my body and get my mind centered.  Once I am warmed up I can begin a yoga flow and strengthen my body.   My practice works for my mind and body and gives me a sense of relief, accomplishment and serenity.  I feel fulfilled, calm and motivated to complete day-to-day work.  To maintain balance, I hydrate my body and consume whole foods and fresh juices that will keep me energized.  I am grateful for my acquired perception of the subtle influences and impressions I receive from my daily regimen.  From my healthy rituals, I have come to know myself and have been able to pursue my life in environments where my natural traits can be best expressed.

Us, scholars must decipher facts from opinions and understand the power of knowledge is twofold; there is an element of experience involved.  In order to have a confident attitude in life, for everything you do, you must have both,


The Grand Canyon National Park is the most breath taking view of nature. The flow of energy is uplifting and fosters an internal healing. When you look out into the canyon you get a sense of vitality, a burst of enthusiasm to discover life.

education and real life application.   Everyone is unique and has a special gift to share with the world.  We are in control of our own lives and have the chance to make the most of it.  Go out and take risks, make a change for the greater good of society.  Stand up for what you believe in and speak your mind.  I’m listening.


Saturday Inspiration


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HealthyorNot will seize the current trend to look and feel good with the opportunity to interact with people who are aware of their health and environmental consciousness.

  • Do you desire a high quality of life and hold health conscious and environmental values?
  • Are you inclined to spend money on natural and organic products and care about your consumption choices?
  • Do you advocate local farmers and make an effort to conserve the earth’s resources?

These are some questions to ponder, that will make you think about your life in a new aspect! As a consumer, you should be informed of the food you buy; to feed your body, as your diet will affect your mind and soul too. If you want to make a change for the future and learn how you can balance your diet to meet your demanding life, just know that HealthyorNot will be your guide to a meaningful lifestyle. Love yourself, pamper yourself, cleanse yourself and indulge in the beauty of life. Remember, you only live once (YOLO). Please share your greatest sacrifice in life and the meaning of true love.

Everyone has inner-beauty, a strength of will that can make them shine. From the prickly cactus blossoms a beautiful flower.