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Self-awareness is a discovery of who you are or your reason for living.  Detaching from others and diving into your own peaceful state is the first step into realizing your passion in life.   Having a clear state of mind and reconciling your strengths and weaknesses is the next step towards self discovery.  It should be noted that we should all build on our strengths and accept our weaknesses for what they are.  Define a set of values or ideas that are most important.  Giving yourself adequate alone time to think about what you really care about is the best way to figure out your dreams and find your talent.

I once was an athlete and can remember my favorite part of the day was when I got a chance to go for a long run outside, smelling nature and feeling the breeze.  I was happy to embrace freedom and my passion for physical exercise.  I also used the alone time to think about my aspirations and goals.  Today I use moving meditation to free my mind of stresses and release tension.  My daily routine includes a breathing exercise, to build heat in my body and get my mind centered.  Once I am warmed up I can begin a yoga flow and strengthen my body.   My practice works for my mind and body and gives me a sense of relief, accomplishment and serenity.  I feel fulfilled, calm and motivated to complete day-to-day work.  To maintain balance, I hydrate my body and consume whole foods and fresh juices that will keep me energized.  I am grateful for my acquired perception of the subtle influences and impressions I receive from my daily regimen.  From my healthy rituals, I have come to know myself and have been able to pursue my life in environments where my natural traits can be best expressed.

Us, scholars must decipher facts from opinions and understand the power of knowledge is twofold; there is an element of experience involved.  In order to have a confident attitude in life, for everything you do, you must have both,


The Grand Canyon National Park is the most breath taking view of nature. The flow of energy is uplifting and fosters an internal healing. When you look out into the canyon you get a sense of vitality, a burst of enthusiasm to discover life.

education and real life application.   Everyone is unique and has a special gift to share with the world.  We are in control of our own lives and have the chance to make the most of it.  Go out and take risks, make a change for the greater good of society.  Stand up for what you believe in and speak your mind.  I’m listening.