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Pattleboardong is the next best thing to surfing and is becoming popular in south Florida. I am hoping to bring this fun sport up north and get a group of friends together for lessons in the Long Island Sound.   It's easier than it looks, I had never been on a surf board in my life and on my first try I managed to paddle out in the ocean and stand up on the board with little effort.  Granted the water was calm and my amazing core muscles, from ten years of functional weight, stability, and balance training, yoga, and running, gave me a natural ability to paddleboard.  All you need is desire, will and internal consciousness to take control of the board.  You will be surprised, when you take the time to focus on the present; there are activities you never dreamed of doing, that you can set your mind to do!  I felt free on that board, like I can do anything I want in the world and this experience helped me get through a stressful time in my life.

You see I had been studying “Perspectives in Change and Leadership" and was going through an internal battle of accessing my personal values and felt the need to make a change for the better.  I am constantly looking for improvement, with very high expectations for myself and it was time for a mental break!!  Paddleboarding gave me the opportunity to let go of my stress; challenging my mind to focus on the present task of simply not falling into the water.  When I succeeded I felt accomplished and reassured myself of the stimulating influences I need to pursue my master’s degree and was able to continue to work towards my goals and aspirations.  Silencing the mind can be challenging in itself, but when you let go of yourself and try something new you can achieve a higher power within and prove to yourself you are capable of reaching your dreams.

Paddleboarding makes you feel alive and awake, as you fight with nature, to stay on the board; you gain a sense of worldliness and control.  Control of your body, your mind and your breath; which you will take with you to meet the high demanding society, we live in today. If you ever become frustrated with life, you will recall your special powers in the mist of the ocean and remember to take control and be that warrior you know you can be.

Look forward to advice on core exercises, as the HealthyOrNot blog will divulge information about stabilizing the body and conditioning yourself for exhilarating activities, like paddleboarding.  You too can embrace the feeling of freedom and the meaningful experiences life has to offer.  In the meantime, Give yourself a test and see how well you know your body and the most important aspect of movement, the core muscles.