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Hello everyone, please allow me to officially introduce myself, I am a graduate student, as well as Mommy and sometimes even, Rachel.   I am excited to complete my MBA this winter and am proud to share I have maintained a 4.0 GPA!  I believe this is a big step in my life that will open opportunities in my professional career.

I’m hoping to start a discussion with fellow bloggers, who may want to share their success stories and talk about their personal strides too.   Please feel free to jump into this discussion and join me on this journey to the top.

Some of my interests, besides reading and writing, are running, yoga, functional weight training, eating healthy, and environmental sustainability.  As a working professional, student, volunteer, and role model I have a full schedule.   In order to get some alone time to enjoy these interests I  have to juggle my responsibilities,.  If I ever find myself so worked up- to the point where I may lose sense of my personal values- I reflect on my inner strengths, think positive, and find maintain balance.

One challenge I am working to overcome is keeping up with this fast-paced society we live in today.  I have learned to multi-task, studying in short durations (while my daughter is in gymnastics or taking a nap).  As long as I take notes throughout the week this system works.  I can accomplish sufficient research to type up a paper come Friday night when everyone else is out to dinner, I suppose.  Here I am, so grateful for my ambition to succeed.

Just this evening I missed my favorite Vinyasa class, but that did not stop me from practicing my crow pose. I put dinner on the stove and tuned Pandora to some light piano music in my living room.  I find myself more focused on my alignment when I flow at home; it is a peaceful time I give myself every day.  In the studio I do get more competitive and can feel the energy in the room.

 We do it by cramming more into one weekday and into a weekend than should be humanly possible.  We do it by finding confidence in our own choices

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